Letter from the President

Dear MFPRM Family,

As you know, we will have both 12th Congress of MFPRM and 13th Course of Euro-Mediterranean PRM Summer School in the same month.
The Congress will be held in Malta on between November 9 and 12, 2017. As we all know, we should follow the developments in technology and innovations about medicine for giving better rehabilitation facilities. In coming MFPRM Congress, the professionals working in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation will share us with their experiences, and enrich our basic knowledge with uptodate information about general health and rehabilitative approaches. As the President of Mediterranean Forum of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, I wish you a very successful Congress. Please visit the Congress website: http://www.prmcongress2017malta.org/

The EMRSS Course will also be done in Siracusa on between November 27 and 30, 2017. The title of the course is on "Manual Medicine in the treatment of pain of vertebral origin". The Course program and application form are here. The Course President, Prof Franco Cirillo and his team are always doing a great job. We appreciate their efforts.
We would like to announce this course to all Mediterranean Countries:
If the young PMR doctors want to attend this course, they will pay their own expenses (registration fee (€ 80.00) and stay in a hotel (€ 20,00 per person, per day in a double room), and air ticket).
The application form can be downloaded from the website: http://www.emrss.it/ENG/
After fulfilling it, you can send it to Eliana Cirillo via e-mail: elianacirillo@virgilio.it

See you in Malta and Siracusa,
Best regards,

Prof Gulseren Akyuz
President of MFPRM