Letter from the President

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great honor and pleasure to welcome all colleagues, especially the PRM physician and all members of the rehabilitation team, especially those from the Mediterranean region.

The Mediterranean Forum of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (MFPRM) promotes education in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and strengthens exchanges between Mediterranean PRM physicians. The MFPRM is created to support and help strengthen existing and new projects that bring together PRM  from all the Mediterranean region.

MFPRM promote education in the PRM and increase public awareness of progress made strengthen exchanges between mediterranean physicians, sustain scientific, training and networking events, such as, in particular, the biennial Mediterranean PRM Congress.

The Euro-Mediterranean PRM School (EMPRMS) is organized every year in Syracuse (Italy) under the leadership of Dr. Franco Cirillo.

The “European Journal of PRM“ is our official journal.

To reach these objectives, the MFPRM’s policy is to work in close cooperation with existing national and international Societies. MFPRM is a proud member of the International Society of PRM (ISPRM) and works in cooperation with the European Societie of PRM (ESPRM).

We are committed to update and transforming it in an open space for communication, cooperation and scientific rehearsal among colleagues of all the regions of the world, in particular from the Mediterranean area.

The 14th Mediterranean Congress of PPM In Conjunction With The 8th Congress of the

Jordanian Society of Physical Medicine, Arthritis & Rehabilitation (JSPRM), to be held on

13-16 October 2021 in Amman, Jordan

This important scientific event is organized by the MFPRM and the JSPRM in collaboration with the ISPRM and the Pan-Arab Association for PRM (PAAPRM).

Sessions will be given by the top experts on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine with an emphasis on workshops, hands-on demonstrations and opportunities to meet and network. We will do our best to gain active participation of the most prestigious Mediterranean and International professionals with clinical expertise and scientific recognition.

The MFPRM is planning a future Mediterranean Congress in Amman to showcase the richness and creativity of Mediterranean research in all areas of the PRM, as well as a strategy to enhance Mediterranean cooperation. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Amman in 2021.

Join our effort!


Lazovic Milica, MD, FEBPRM, Full Professor