General Assembly 2015

October, 2, 2015 (17.00-18.30)

Lecture Room - Hilton Hotel Corniche, Alexandria, Egypt


Present: Jorge Lains (Portugal), Nicolas Christodoulou (Cyprus), Amparo Martinez Assucena (Spain), Ilker Yagci, Gulseren Akyuz (Turkey), Calogero Foti (Italy), Klemen Grabljevec (Slovenia), Milica Lazovic (Serbia), Zeljana Skaric-Karanikic (Montenegro), Naglaa Ali Gadallah, Tarek Shafshak (Egypt), Stephen Zammit (Malta), Khalil Al Abbadi (Jordan), Hafid Meliani (Morroco), Zohra Ben Salah Frih (Tunisia), Waddah Malhees (Palestine Auth.), Satty Hassan Satta Saaed (Sudan), Gordana Stefanovski (Bosnia & Herzegovina)


1. Nomination of the Council Members: The present members of each country decided between them for their country’s Council member. They were announced the following:

1.       Italy: Calogero Foti

2.       Serbia: Milica Lazovic

3.       Slovenia: Klemen Grabljevec

4.       Turkey: Gulseren Akyuz

5.       Spain: Amparo Assucena

6.       Cyprus: Nicolas Christodoulou

7.       Portugal: Jorge Lains

8.       Egypt: Tarek Shafshak

9.       Malta: Stephen Zammit

10.   Montenegro: Zeljana Skaric-Karanikic

11.   Bosnia & Herzegovina: Gordana Stefanovski

12.   Jordan: Khalil Al Abbadi

13.   Palestine Auth.: Malhees Waddah

14.   Tunisia: Zohra Bensallah Frih

15.   Morroco: Hafid Meliani

16.   Sudan: Satty Hassan Satta Saaed

2. Approval of the Minutes of the 10th Mediterranean Congress General Assembly in Budva: The minutes were accepted unanimously.


3. Welcome by the President and 11th Mediterranean Congress in Alexandria: The MFPRM President Prof. Jorge Lains welcomed all the participants and explained all the efforts done for the promotion of the Forum and the Alexandria Congress. Then he asked the Congress President to give more detailed information for the current congress to the General Assembly Members of MFPRM. Prof. Tarek Shafshak, President of the Congress in Alexandria, gave information about the 11th Mediterranean Congress of PRM. He was not ready to give exact number of participants who have come from 24 countries. He promised to announce these numbers at the closing ceremony. He was satisfied for the participation and for the quality of the lectures presented so far. Jorge Lains, on behalf of the MFPRM, congratulated Prof. Tarek Shafshak and the organizing committee for their efforts to present a very good congress considering the difficulties faced during the last 2 years.


4. MFPRM Statute: It was decided that at this time the Statute does not need any amendment. The new Board will study all the articles and decide if there is any need for changes. In such case the provisions of the current statute will be followed.


5. MFPRM ways to move forward: Dr. Amparo Assucena from Valencia, member of the MFPRM Board offered herself to facilitate the procedure of PRM trainees wishing to go to PRM Centers in Europe or in USA. A procedure will be arranged the trainees to contact her through our website. She will prepare the criteria and all the relevant details and they will be uploaded in our website.


6. Haim Ring Euro–Mediterranean PRM School in Syracuse, November 2015: Prof. Calogero Foti presented the program of the School and several details for the 2015 Course were given. A discussion for the financial support from MFPRM has taken place. In 2017 the Maltese congress organising committee will give to the Syracuse School, on behalf of MFPRM the amount of 4000 €, according to the provisions of our Statute.


7. Presentation of the 12th Congress of 2017 in Malta: Dr Stephen Zammit from Valetta-Malta, has presented to organization plans for the 2017 congress. He stated that he has the support of the Maltese PRM Association, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism of Malta. Till 2017, it is expected the new Rehabilitation facilities to be ready. The congress scientific committee has been set up. The congress venue will be at Grand Hotel Excelsior (Hotel & Mediterranean Conference Center). Since the prices of high off-season will be very low, the most probable date of the Congress is from November 9th  (Thursday) to 12th (Sunday) 2017.He presented a small relevant video answered to several questions.


8. General discussion:

A. Preparation of a paper for publication: Dr. Klemen Grabljevec, member of the Board, referred that a new enriched questionnaire will be prepared, based on the questionnaires used by Prof. Nicolas Christodoulou in the organized interactive sessions for the organization of Rehabilitation Services in the Mediterranean countries during the past congresses. The new questionnaire is going to be sent to all the countries having members in the MFPRM for the collection of data. Then, a paper will be prepared and published in the European Journal of PRM (EJPRM), which is the official journal of the MFPRM.

B. Nomination of Emeritus Members: According to the article 3b of our Statute, upon the recommendation of the Board, the General Assembly in Alexandria decided to grant the status of Emeritus Membership to 5 members for the MFPRM, who have been members of the Forum more than 10 years and they have retire from full tie professional activity. These members are the following: Prof. Antonio Hernandez Royo (Spain), Prof. Xanthi Michail (Greece), Prof. Carlo Bertolini (Italy), Prof. Tansu Arasil (Turkey) and Prof. Crt Marincek (Slovenia). The Emeritus Members are entitled to attend all meetings and other activities of the Forum but cannot vote or hold office. The above 5 Emeritus Members will be officially informed by the new Board and a special Certificate will be sent to them.

C. Nomination of Honorary Board Member: Prof. Gulseren Akyuz and Dr. Amparo Assucena presented to the GA their suggestion for granting the status of Honorary Board member to Prof. Jorge Lains for his contribution to the Forum. Their suggestion was submitted before to the Board meeting and was accepted. The General Assembly accepted this suggestion.


9. Decision for the 13th Congress of 2019: There were two candidates. The first was from the Croatian Society of PRM. The candidacy was presented by Dr. Klemen Grabljevec who represented the president of the Croatia Society of PRM and has brought to the Board an official letter from the Croatian Society, accepting all the provisions of our Statute in article 8, especially the financial obligations. The second candidacy was from Dr. Hafid Meliani from Morroco, who brought an official letter of the Morrocian Society of PRM by which they support him for the organization of the congress and they accept all the provisions of article 8 of our Statute including the financial obligations. Following the presentations, a vote procedure revealed that Morroco succeeded to organize the 2019 Congress with 12 votes. Croatia received 4 votes. 


10. Election of the Forum President: The current president Prof. Jorge Lains completed his second term as President and is not eligible for a new term. There were two candidates, Prof. Gulseren Akyuz and Prof. Calogero Foti. The President asked them to present to the GA their plans for MFPRM in case of their election as presidents. During the election the two candidates received the following votes:


Gulseren Akyuz: 9 votes

Calogero Foti: 6 votes

Blanc: 1 vote. 


Prof. Gulseren Akyuz was elected as new president of the MFPRM.


11. Election for the members of the new Forum Board – secret voting: The members of the Council were asked to express their desire to be elected for the 5 posts of the Board, besides the posts of president, vice-president (who is automatically the organizer of the next congress) and the three honorary Board members. The following 7 members expressed their interest and received by secret voting the number of votes, as it is written below:

1.       Egypt: Tarek Shafshak                       9

2.       Italy: Calogero Foti                             9

3.       Jordan: Khalil Al Abbadi                   12

4.       Montenegro: Zeljana K. Skaric         4

5.       Serbia: Milica Lazovic                        7

6.       Slovenia: Klemen Grablijevec          6

7.       Spain: Amparo Assucena                   5


The elected Board Members were as follows: Khalil Al Abbadi, Tarek Shafshak, Calogero Foti, Milica Lazovic and Klemen Grabljevec.


The General Assembly ended at 18.30.




Jorge Lains                                                                                Gulseren Akyuz

President                                                                               Secretary