General Assembly 2019



Friday, November 8th 2019

13.00-14.30, MARRAKECH

Amphitheater 1, Mohamed VI Habous Conference Center


Present: Gulseren Akyuz (Turkey), Jorge Lains (Portugal), Nicolas Christodoulou (Cyprus), Hafid Meliani (Morroco), Amparo Assucena (Spain), Iuly Treger (Israel), Calogero Foti (Italy), Stephen Zammit (Malta), Milica Lazovic (Serbia), Francesca Gimigliano (Italy), Khalil Al Abbad (Jordan), Ilker Yagci (Turkey), Klemen Grabljevec (Slovenia), Maria Obradovic (Montenegro), Naglaa Gadallah (Egypt), Imen Miri (Tunisia), Mohamed Sokolla (Sudan), Houria Kaced (Algeria), Nives Stiglic Rogoznica (Croatia), Angeliki Galata (Greece), Gerold Ebenbichler (Austria), Isabelle Laffont (France) and the members of MFPRM


1.         Nomination of the Council Members: The present members of each country decided between them for their countries’ representatives. They were announced the following:

1.      Turkey: Ilker Yagci

2.      Serbia: Milica Lazovic

3.      Italy: Calogero Foti

4.      Malta: Stephen Zammit

5.      Israel: Iuly Treger

6.      Jordan: Khalil Al Abbad

7.      Morroco: Hafid Meliani

8.      Cyprus: Nicolas Christodoulou

9.      Spain: Amparo Assucena

10.  Portugal: Jorge Lains

11.  Croatia: Nives Stiglic Rogoznica

12.  Slovenia: Klemen Grabljevec

13.  Austria: Gerold Ebenbichler

14.  Egypt: Naglaa Gadallah

15.  Sudan: Mohamed Sokolla

16.  Tunisia: Imen Miri

17.  Montenegro: Maria Obradovic

18.  Romania: Irsay Laszlo

19.  Greece: Angeliki Galata

20.  France: Isabelle Laffont


2.         Approval of the Minutes of the 12th Congress of MFPRM General Assembly in Malta:  The minutes were accepted unanimously.


3.         Welcome by the MFPRM President and reference to all efforts done for the promotion of the Forum:  The MFPRM President Gulseren Akyuz welcomed all the participants and explained all the efforts done for the promotion of the MFPRM. She stated that there were 588 active members, then invited all of the PRM physicians to join MFPRM through the website. She mentioned that the new members of MFPRM automatically add to the email group. She announced the 'European Journal of PRM' with the subtitle of 'Mediterranean Journal of PRM' as the official journal of MFPRM. She reported that the memorandum of understanding between MFPRM and EFFR, and between MFPRM and ISPRM had been accepted.  Then she invited Hafid Meliani, the Congress President, to give more detailed information for the current congress.


4.         Information about MOROCCO MFPRM Congress in figures by Congress PresidentHafid Meliani, the Congress President, gave information about the 13th Mediterranean Congress of PRM. He stated that there were 318 official registrations. He explained that a total of 22 workshops (11 short and 11 long) held for this congress. He apologized that the opening ceremony did not contain any Morrocan cultural events. He announced that a beautiful show was prepared for the gala dinner. Gulseren Akyuz, on behalf of the MFPRM, congratulated Hafid Meliani and the organizing committee for their efforts.


5.         Discussion and eventual updating of the MFPRM Statute: Jorge Lains suggested creating a council for past presidents. Then, he read the proposal: A Council of Past Presidents will be created. It will be chaired by the Immediate Past President of the MFPRM for a two or four year term. This Council shall act only in a consultative capacity and does not have any executive and/or administrative role in the affairs of the MFPRM. The statue was accepted after the voting. Gulseren Akyuz thanked and mentioned that she would be pleasured to continue work for MFPRM.


6.         MFPRM ways to move forward


- The Activities of Committee of Residents and Young PRM Specialists (CRYS): Amparo Assucena explained that the Committee of Residents and Young PRM Specialist had been created with the aims of sharing experiences and expectations and networking. The idea of this committee was to bring the residents and young specialists coming from different countries in MFPRM together and to let them discuss and convey to us their expectations and goals. She reported works that had been done for this purpose in the last two years. She stated that whatsapp and email groups were established, and through these groups, the information about courses and summer schools was shared. Then, she invited young colleagues to join this committee.


- The expectations and needs of member Countries from MFPRM: Iuly Treger presented a survey that prepared for Mediterranean PRM members. This survey included questions about ‘what is your expectation from the Mediterranean Forum’ and ‘what is the most and less important’. He explained that 62.5% of members responded to this survey. According to this survey the most important expect was the congress. The second important was the Haim Ring Euro-Mediterranean PRM School in Syracuse. The third place was shared between the website, connecting professionals- east and west, and the database of the members. The fourth place was the committee of residents and young specialists. The fifth place was connections of the MFPRM board with other professional organizations, international committees, scientific journals, and others. The sixth one was connecting rehabilitation traditions over the region- promoting professional meetings with the use of different treatment approaches. Another sixth place was the promotion at different levels of rehabilitation management issues exchange and discussions, funding types, administration in different countries. The seventh-place was increasing social media use and publishing newsletters. For the last part of this survey, it was asked to put general comments. In the conclusion, most important were again listed as Congress, Website and Haim Ring Euro-Mediterranean PRM School in Syracuse.


7.         Haim Ring Euro–Mediterranean PRM School in Syracuse Nov 12th – 15th, 2018:  Francesca Gimigliano presented the program and gave several details of the last School in 2018. It has been stated that the topic was ‘Injections and Interventional Therapy in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation’ and a total of 113 participants were attended. Five of the participants were sponsored by MFPRM from Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, and Sudan. She announced the topic for 2020 would be ‘Pharmacological Management in PRM’. She explained the financial support from the MFPRM Congresses will be provided with the purpose of strengthening the Haim Ring Euro–Mediterranean PRM School even further.


8.         The 14th Congress of MFPRM in jordan in 2021: Khalil Al-Abbad on the behalf of Jordan thanked to have the opportunity for the next MFPRM Congress and invited everyone to attend. He presented the organization plans of the 14th Congress of MFPRM in Jordan, 2021. He gave information about the Jordan convention bureau services and transportation to Jordan. He showed pictures and a video of the place where the congress would be held and touristic sites of Jordan.


9.         Decision for the 15th Congress of 2023: Calogero Foti presented the application to host the 2023 MFPRM Congress for Rome, Italy. He promoted the city of Rome and PRM Services in Italy. He introduced the Italian PRM Professors and other academical members who would support the congress. Italy was the only candidate for the 15th Congress of MFPRM and was selected after voting.

10.       Before the election, Gulseren Akyuz thanked the MFPRM family for supporting during her duty as a president and wished success for the new president and board members.


11.       Election for the MFPRM President: Milica Lazovic was the only candidate for the current election and was selected unanimously.  


12.       Election for the Executive Board Members of MFPRM: The members of the Council were asked to express their desire to be elected for the 5 posts of the Board, besides the posts of president and vice-president (who is automatically the organizer of the next congress). The following members expressed their interest and received by secret voting the number of votes, as it is written below:


1.      Turkey: Ilker Yagci

2.      Morroco: Hafid Meliani

3.      Malta: Stephen Zammit

4.      Slovenia: Klemen Grabljevec

5.      Israel: Iuly Treger

6.      Austria: Gerold Ebenbichler

7.      Italy: Calogero Foti


The elected Board Members were as follows:


Ilker Yagci

Calogero Foti

Hafid Meliani

Klemen Grabljevec

Iuly Treger


12.       The General Assembly ended with good wishes at 14.30

Gulseren Akyuz                                                                         Milica Lazovic

President                                                                               Secretary