General Assembly 2023


MEDICINE (MFPRM 2021 (2019)/2023)



Prof. Dr.  Milica Lazovic

Institute for Rehabilitation

Medical Faculty University in Belgrade



Prof. Dr. Calogero Foti

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

CSTM Department, Tor Vergata University in Rome





Friday, July 7th 2023

4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Rome

Leonardo Room, Hotel NH Villa Carpegna (Via Pio IV, 6)


1.      The General Assembly started at 4:30 with ForumMembers under supervision of Milica Lazovic and honarary president Nicolas Christodoulou. The present members of each country decided between them fortheir countries’ representatives, whowould consist the COUNCIL. They were announced asfollowing:

1.      Jorge Lains (Portugal)

2.      Katerina Christodoulou (Cyprus) 

3.      Hafid Meliani (Morroco)

4.      Laura Sanchez Monteso (Spain),

5.      Iuly Treger (Israel)

6.      Calogero Foti (Italy)

7.      Stephen Zammit (Malta)

8.     Milica Lazovic (Serbia)

9.      Khalil Al Abbadi (Jordan)

10.  Ilker Yagci (Turkey)

11.  Klemen Grabljevec (Slovenia)

12.  Maria Obradovic (Montenegro)

13.  Asmaa Mahmoud (Egypt)

14.  Hajer Rahali (Tunisia)

15.  Frane Grubicic (Croatia)

16.  Markos Sgantzos (Greece)

17.  Gerold Ebenbichler (Austria)

18. SilviaSilvestri (France)

19. JannisPapathanasiou (Bulgaria)

20. AnilaImeshtari (Albania)

21. EugeniaRosulescu (Romania)

22. TatianaNozica Radulovic (Bosnia – Rep. Srpska)


2.      Milica Lazovic read the agenda and the agenda was approved.

3.     The MFPRM President Milica Lazovicwelcomed all the participants and explained all the efforts done for thepromotion of the MFPRM. She reported that the memorandum of understandingbetween MFPRM and ESPRM, and between MFPRM and ISPRM had been accepted. 

4.      Minutes of General Assembly of the 13th Congress (Morocco) and 14th Congress(Jordan) of MFPRM were read and approved.


5.      MilicaLazovic invited Calogero Foti, the 15thCongress President, to give more detailed information for the current congress.Calogero Foti, stated that there werearound 500 official registrations and around 100 members of the faculty. Onbehalf of the MFPRM Milica Lazovic congratulated Calogero Foti andthe organizing committee for the success of the Congress.


6.     Milica Lazovic and Francesca Gimigliano signed memorandum of understanding between ISPRM andMFPRM.


7.     Memorandum of Understanding between MFPRM and Cochrane Rehabilitationwas approved and  Milica Lazovic andCarlotte Kiekens signed the memerandum.


8.     Calogero Foti, on behalf of Franco Cirilo who was present, gave information about the 18th E.M.R.S.S. COURSE, Euro-MediterraneanPRM School “Haim Ring” in Syracuse, 29 October - 1 November 2023,. This year the topicwill be ‘Cervical Spine Disorders’.


9.     Frane Grubisic presented the next 16th Congress ofMFPRM in Šibenik, Croatia, September 18-21, 2025.  Frane Grubisic on behalf of the Croatian PRM Society, thanked theMFPRM for giving them the opportunity to organize the next MFPRM Congress andinvited everyone to attend. He presented the organization plans of the 16thCongress of MFPRM in Šibenik. He gave information about Šibenik and its surroundings and transportation to Šibenik. He showed pictures and a video of the placewhere the congress will be held and touristic sites.


10. Decision for the 17thCongress of MFPRM, 2023. There was one candidate. On behalf of the HellenicSociety of PRM, Prof. Markos Sgantzos presented their applicationfor organizing the 2027 MFPRM Congress in Kos İsland, the birthplace ofIppokrates. He promoted the city of Kos about history, accommodation andtransport. Greece was selected unanimously after voting.


11.  Milica Lazovic talked about WHORehabilitation Program statement on “Strengthening rehabilitation in healthsystems: Importance of the Resolution for the countries ofthe Mediterranean region. She informed the GA about   WHO - host the 3rd GlobalRehabilitation 2030 meeting. WHO will provide a sneak peek of the new technicaltools that include the Package of Interventions for Rehabilitation.


12. Election for the MFPRMPresident: CalogeroFoti was the only candidate for thecurrent election and was elected unanimously.


13. Election for theExecutive Board Members of MFPRM.

The members of the Council were asked toexpress their desire to be elected for the 5 posts of the Board, besides theposts of president and vice-president (who is automatically the organizer ofthe next congress). The following members expressed their interest and receivedby secret voting the number of votes, as it is written below:


1.      Turkey: Ilker Yagci                             14

2.      Morocco: Hafid Meliani                    11

3.      Bulgaria: Jannis Papathanasiou           9

4.      Slovenia: Klemen Grabljevec            15

5.      Israel: Iuly Treger                                9

6.      Jordan: Khalil Al Abbadi                       6

7.      Serbia: MilicaLazovic                        12


For the 5th post of members 2colleagues received the same votes (9). The Council decided to solve theproblem by one more voting only between the two candidates. July Tregerreceived 11 votes and Jannis Papathanasiou received 7 votes.


The new Board Members are asfollows:

Calogero Foti (president)

Frane Grubicic(vice-president)

Klemen Grabljevec(member)

Ilker Yagci (member)

Hafid Meliani(member)

Milica Lazovic (member)

Iuly Treger (member)

Nicolas Christodoulou(honorary active Board member)

Franco Cirillo (honoraryactive Board member)

Jorge Lains (honorary activeBoard member)


The secretary and thetreasurer will be chosen tomorrow during the first meeting of the new  Board.


The General Assembly ended withgood wishes at 18.30


Milica Lazovic                                                                        CalogeroFoti

President                                                                               Secretary