Join the MFPRM

MFPRM is open to all qualified physicians specialised in P&RM who are working in any Mediterranean country or a country with close vicinity with Mediterranean Sea, irrespective of race, religion or community.

Those who wish to become active members of the "Forum" should apply to the Secretary or any Board member. The Board of the Forum considers the application and decides accordingly by majority vote for the approval.

Active members are eligible to participate to the General Assemblies, have the right to participate to all the discussions of a General Assembly and raise any issue that they wish, to be candidates for
representatives of their countries and to vote for the election of their country representative to the Council.


  1. You are informed for many important issues of our speciality around the Mediterranean Basin.
  2. You have a special discount on registration fees for the Mediterranean Congresses of PRM.
  3. You can be subscriber of our official indexed journal "EUROPA MEDICOPHYSICA", with only 30 euros annually, for the time being.
  4. To be a member of MFPRM you don't have to pay any membership fee. You must be a specialist of PRM, working in one of the Mediterranean countries or a country with close vicinity with a Mediterranean country and have your personal e-mail address. Furthermore, you contribute to the creation of the Mediterranean solidarity between the PRM specialists and you are a part of our Mediterranean Family.
  5. You can have free, some electronic books of our speciality.
  6. You can participate to the "Euro-Mediterranean Rehabilitation Summer School", established in Sicily, if you are a young specialist or at the final stage of your specialisation in PRM.
  7. You can seek for the help of the Forum for the further development of Rehabilitation Services in your country, or for the organization of specific courses for the improvement of the educational standard and the harmonization of the specialty curriculum around Mediterranean.
  8. With the support of your national society of PRM you can be a candidate to organize in your country a Mediterranean Congress.

October 2005.

I wish to be an active member of the Society: "Mediterranean forum of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine",(MFPRM).