Minutes of EB meeting




Prof. Dr.  Milica Lazovic

Institute for Rehabilitation

Medical Faculty University in Belgrade

E-mail:  lazovicmilica15@gmail.com


Prof. Dr. Calogero Foti

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

CSTM Department, Tor Vergata University in Rome

e-mail: foti@med.uniroma2.it




JULY, 6, 2023, Rome, Italy


Present: Milica Lazovic (President,Turkey), Calogero Foti (Vice President, Italy), Jorge Lains (Honorary BoardMember, Portugal), Klemen Grabljevec (Slovenia), İlker Yağcı (Treasurer, Turkey), Khalil Al-Abbadi (Jordan), Hafid Meliani(Morocco), Frane Grubisic (Crotia)


Excuse:  luly Treger (Israel), Franco Cirillo(Italy), Nicolas Christodoulou (Cyprus)


1.     The President welcomed the members.

2.     Milica Lazovic read the agenda thechanges the agenda was approved.

3.     The EB discussed the possiblechanges about the statue and approved to continue with the same statue

4.     The minutes of the previous meetingin Rome July 2023 has been approved.

5.     Calogero Foti gave information aboutthe 15th Congress of MFPRM in Rome. He reported that the total number ofregistrations was 478. A network dinner for board members and invited speakerswas organized on the 7th of July. Most of the participants were from Italy, Balkan,Portugal. The first time a session called MFPRM Residency Assembly is organizedin this congress.

6.     FraneGrubisic gave information about the 16th Congress of MFPRM in Šibenik, Croatia,He mentioned this congress was planned to be on 18-21 September 2025. CalogeroFoti reminded to talk to ambassadors about visa issues. Jorge Lains made somesuggestions for the site visit.

7.     XanthiMichael gave information about the candidacy of Hellenic Society for the 2027Congress.

8.     Milica Lazovic  and Calegoro Foti stated that Euro-Mediterranean PRM School in Syracuse will beheld  on 29 October - 1 November 2023. Inthis school, the topic was ‘Cervical Spine Disorders’. The scientific agendawas showed.

9.     TheArticle 8 of the MFPRM statute was approved.

10. İlkerYağcı gave information about The Financial Reports & budget 2023.

11. M.Lazovic gave information about MFPRM collaboration with the ESPRM.

12. The proposalon MFPRM collaboration with the Cochrane Rehabilitation Field was discussed andapproved.

13. WHORehabilitation Programme statement on “Strengthening rehabilitation in healthsystems” was discussed.

14. Themeeting ended at 11.00