General Assembly 2017

November, 11, 2017 (13.00-14.30)


Present: Jorge Lains (Portugal), Nicolas Christodoulou (Cyprus), Amparo Martinez Assucena (Spain), Ilker Yagci, Gulseren Akyuz (Turkey), Calogero Foti (Italy), Klemen Grabljevec (Slovenia), Milica Lazovic (Serbia), Zeljana Skaric-Karanikic (Montenegro), Naglaa Ali Gadallah, Tarek Shafshak (Egypt), Stephen Zammit (Malta), Khalil Al Abbadi (Jordan), Hafid Meliani (Morroco), Zohra Ben Salah Frih (Tunisia), Waddah Malhees (Palestine Auth.), Satty Hassan Satta Saaed (Sudan), Gordana Stefanovski (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Houria Kaced (Algeria), Nives Stiglic Rogoznica (Croatia), Maria Pygreli (Greece), Iuly Treger (Israel), Bushra Kaffoura (Syria), Gerold Ebenbichler (Austria), Zoltan Denes (Hungary) and the members of MFPRM


1. Nomination of the Council Members: The present members of each country decided between them for their countries’ representatives. They were announced the following:

1.       Italy: Calogero Foti

2.       Serbia: Milica Lazovic

3.       Slovenia: Klemen Grabljevec

4.       Turkey: Gulseren Akyuz

5.       Spain: Amparo Assucena

6.       Cyprus: Nicolas Christodoulou

7.       Portugal: Jorge Lains

8.       Egypt: Tarek Shafshak

9.       Malta: Stephen Zammit

10.   Montenegro: Zeljana Skaric-Karanikic

11.   Bosnia & Herzegovina: Gordana Stefanovski

12.   Jordan: Khalil Al Abbadi

13.   Palestine Auth.: Malhees Waddah

14.   Tunisia:  Catherine Dziri

15.   Morroco: Hafid Meliani

16.   Sudan: Satty Hassan Satta Saaed

17.   Algeria: Houria Kaced

18.   Croatia: Nives Stiglic Rogoznica

19.   Greece: Maria Pygreli

20.   Israel: Iuly Treger

21.   Syria: Bushra Kaffoura

22.   Austria: Gerold Ebenbichler

23.   Hungary: Zoltan Denes


2. Approval of the Minutes of the 11th Mediterranean Congress General Assembly in Alexandria : The minutes were accepted unanimously.


3. Welcome by the President and 12th Mediterranean Congress in Malta: The MFPRM President Gulseren Akyuz welcomed all the participants and explained all the efforts done for the promotion of the MFPRM and the Malta Congress. Then she invited the Congress President to give more detailed information for the current congress to the General Assembly Members of MFPRM.


4. Information about MALTA MFPRM Congress in figures by Congress President:  Stephen Zammit, President of the Congress in Malta, gave information about the 12th Mediterranean Congress of PRM. He stated that there were 419 official registrations and 20 on-site registrations, which adds up to a total of 439 participants from 36 countries. He was satisfied for the participation and for the quality of the lectures presented so far. Gulseren Akyuz, on behalf of the MFPRM, congratulate Stephen Zammit and the organizing committee for their efforts.


5. MFPRM Statute: Addition of Corresponding Members was suggested to the statue.

Corresponding Members are defined as “PMR specialists that do work in the countries that do not fit the description of an active member.  They are entitled to attend all meetings and other activities of the Forum but cannot vote or hold office”. After the voting, it was accepted. Another suggested update was to add the statement of “A country cannot hold two consecutive MFPRM congresses”. This statement has been accepted unanimously and added to the statue. 


6. MFPRM ways to move forward: The new e-mail group of MFPRM was announced by Gulseren Akyuz and she suggested as an easier way to communicate throughout the members of MFPRM. All the participants have been sent links to be able to register to this mail group.

Gulseren Akyuz stated that MFPRM has received a collaboration offer from the Mediterranean Journal of Rheumatology. This offer had been accepted at the executive board meeting and this has been declared in the general assembly. It has also been stated that Mediterranean Journal of Rheumatology is now waiting for articles from the members of MFPRM.

In December 2013, an Agreement of Mutual Recognition was signed between the MFPRM and ISPRM for 4 years. After updating of Memorandum of Understanding, the new MoU was signed by ISPRM President, Jorge Lains, and MFPRM President, Gulseren Akyuz in General Assembly.

Nicolas Christodoulou mentioned his upcoming presidency of ESPRM. This will lead to improving cooperation between ESPRM, UEMS and MFRPM.


7. Haim Ring Euro-Mediterranean PRM School in Syracuse, November 2017: Francesca Gimigliano presented the program and gave the several details of the 2017 School. It has been stated that 5 participants from non-EU countries such as Morocco, Jordan, and Sudan are also participating this year. The financial support from the MFPRM Congresses will be provided with the purpose of strengthening the School even further.  


8. Presentation of the 13th Congress of 2017 in Marrakech: Hafid Meliani from Morocco, presented the organization plans for the 2019 MFPRM Congress. It has been accepted by the General Assembly that even though Marrakech is not a coastal Mediterranean city, the congress can be held there. The probable date will be November 2019.


9. Decision for the 14th Congress of 2021: There were three candidates. The first was from the Croatian Society of PRM. The candidacy was presented by Frane Grubisic  who represented the president of the Croatia Society of PRM. The second candidacy was from Khalil Al-Abbadi from Jordan. The third candidacy was from Sardinia-Italy and was presented by Pina R. Frazzica. Following the presentations, a vote procedure revealed that Jordan received 10 votes, Croatia received 8 votes and Sardinia received 4 votes. Since there was not a majority, a second round was held between Croatia and Jordan. In the second round, Croatia received 10 votes, Jordan was selected with 12 votes and will be holding the congress in 2021. Jordan has agreed to the conditions of holding the congress.


10. Election of the Forum President: The current president Gulseren Akyuz completed her first term as President. She was the only candidate for the current election and was selected for a second term unanimously.


11. Election for the members of the new Forum Board – secret voting: The members of the Council were asked to express their desire to be elected for the 5 posts of the Board, besides the posts of president and vice-president (who is automatically the organizer of the next congress). The following members expressed their interest and received by secret voting the number of votes, as it is written below:

1.       Italy: Calogero Foti                                         15

2.       Serbia: Milica Lazovic                                     13

3.       Spain: Amparo Assucena                              11

4.       Malta: Stephen Zammit                                9

5.       Israel: Iuly Treger                                           9

6.       Slovenia: Klemen Grablijevec                     8

7.       Jordan: Khalil Al Abbadi                               4

8.       Tunisia:  Catherine Dziri                               4

9.       Egypt: Tarek Shafshak                                  4

10.   Croatia: Nives Stiglic Rogoznica                   3

11.   Montenegro: Zeljana Skaric-Karanikic        1



The elected Board Members were as follows: Calogero Foti, Milica Lazovic, Amparo Assucena, Iuly Treger and Stephen Zammit


The General Assembly ended with good wishes at 14.30




Gulseren Akyuz                                                                      Milica Lazovic

President                                                                               Secretary