Greetings from the Committee of residents and Young specialists (CRYS)

Hello again from the newly formed Committee of Residents and Young Specialists (CRYS) of Mediterranean Forum PRM (MFPRM)! 

This is a newly formed committee which aims to improve the education opportunities and the communication experiences among young members of MFPRM.  Currently the core committee consists of five members: Dr. Ozge Kenis-Coskun (Turkey), Dr. Esra Giray (Turkey), Dr. Joao Constantino (Portugal) and Dr. Lotan Kraun  (Israel) and Dr Marta Supervía Pola (Spain) with the leadership of Dr. Amparo Assucena (Spain) and endorsed by the President of MFPRM, Prof Dr Gülseren Akyüz.

We have met some PRM trainees and PRM young physicians, during the ISPRM congress 2018, in Paris, and they have expressed their interest on to becoming a CRYS member. Some colleagues have reached us through e-mail, asking us about our PRM young committee. We are so happy to have the possibility of connecting and growing!

We invite PRM trainees and PRM young physicians (up to the 5th year after the postgraduate education) from the countries included in the attached file to become their country’s candidate to the CRYS.

We also invite PRM trainees and PRM young physicians (without any limit after the postgraduate education) to become MFPRM members. There is no affiliation fee. The EuroMediterranean Summer School of Syracuse, which takes place every year, in November, is organized by a MFPRM Board member, Dr Franco Cirillo. It’s a good opportunity to learn on PRM topics and meet colleagues from Europe and other countries of the Mediterranean basin. Please take a look to


As a MFPRM member you may also seek for PRM exchange opportunities with educational purpose with support.

Some of the current CRYS’ goals are:

  1. Preparing a scientific journey/session topic at the upcoming MFPRM congress, at Marrakech, on 2019, endorsed by the MFPRM President.
  2. Developing MFPRM social nets and website.
  3. Developing the CRYS election procedure of the upcoming years.

We are planning to expand our member list, so that by the end of August 2018, we would be a sizeable committee, in order to reach those goals.

For those who are willing to candidate themselves to become CRYS members, please contact Dr. Ozge Kenis-Coskun through, up to August 31st, at 00 h, local time.

For those who are willing to become MFPRM members, please contact Dr. Ozge Kenis-Coskun, through, as well, at any time.

We are excited to gather Mediterranean PRM colleagues, that maybe friends in a near future!



On behalf of CRYS
Ozge Kenis Coskun, MD