Welcome to our webpage of Mediterrenanean Forum of Rehabilitation Medicine (MFPRM)! MFPRM has been founded in 1994 with the aim of unifying physiatrists working in Mediterranean countries.  Right now, we have 29 countries as members. Since the first congress in 1996, a total of 12 congresses were held biannually, and each year, an educational summer school is organized for young colleagues. 

Our Mission and Goals:
1. To be the scientific Mediterranean body for physicians working in 3 Continents, Europe, Asia, and Africa, around or with close vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea, in the fields of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.
2. To facilitate Mediterranean exchange regarding different aspects of Rehabilitation research, multicenter trials, national and Mediterranean projects, meetings and congresses.
3. To organize a biannual Mediterranean Congress of PRM in one of the countries having active members of the Forum.
4. To influence national governments, in close co-operation with the national society of P&RM, to support initiatives and co-operation in the field of teaching development of services and research in PRM. Also, to provide information to national governments about the contents and evidence-based efficacy of PRM.

Letter from the President

Dear Physiatrists and Rehabilitation team members of the PRM MediterraneanForum,

I am pleased and honored to accept the appointment by your National Representativesas MFPRM President.

Me and the Board will dedicate our next two years to raise awareness inthe Mediterranean countries of ...

The 15th MFPRM Congress was held in Romefrom 6 to 8 July. Around 600 physiatrists from 51 countries and 5 continentsgathered in ...


Since twenty or more years ago, when Mediterranean colleagues met in international congresses or other meetings, a great enthusiasm and a friendly approach were the prominent feelings between us. We were always thinking that we must do something in the Mediterranean Basin for our speciality, something to unite us as a family, a tool to help each other, a weapon to strengthen and ....