“Strengthening Rehabilitation in Health Systems” at the 76th World Health Assembly

WHO Rehabilitation Programme statement

on “Strengthening rehabilitation in health systems”


We are very pleased to announce that on 27 May 2023, 194 member states of the WHO adopted the important resolution "Strengthening Rehabilitation in Health Systems" at the 76th World Health Assembly in Geneva. The resolution responds to the large global need for rehabilitation and the significant gap in availability of services, especially in low- and middle-income countries (the largest number of countries in the Mediterranean region). The resolution highlights:….

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On 10-11 July 2023, WHO will be hosting the 3rd Global Rehabilitation 2030 meeting where we will discuss the significant advances made to date, including the adoption of the landmark resolution on rehabilitation. WHO will give you a sneak peak of the new technical tools and initiatives that will be launched at the event. These include:

Package of Interventions for Rehabilitation; Guide for Rehabilitation Workforce Evaluation; Routine Health Information Systems – Rehabilitation toolkit; Policy Brief on Strengthening rehabilitation in health emergency preparedness, response and resilience; Rehabilitation in Health Financing - Opportunities on the Way to Universal Health Coverage.